a message from our ceo

Dear Valued Partners,

The outbreak of COVID-19 around the world is a complex, fast-moving situation filled with uncertainties. As we continue to monitor ongoing events, one thing is certain: the work we are doing to help businesses determine, defend, and maximize company value is important, and it must continue.

As always, we remain incredibly proud of how we are continuing to deliver on our commitments to our partners and the communities we serve. To ensure our employees’ and clients’ personal health and needs are met, we are adapting to new flexible ways of working.

As of today, we are continuing our duties remotely and have leveraged the use of technology to conduct our networking and client engagements virtually. Trustee Capital’s team wants to address what’s on your mind during this uncertain time. We have introduced an ‘Ask the Expert Q&A’ to provide an open channel for business owners to submit valuation questions as it relates to COVID-19.

From canceling all nonessential travel to incorporating hygienic practices into our daily routine, we believe our individual actions can make a huge collective impact on the progression of this outbreak, as well as go a long way in keeping our families and communities healthy. Take care of yourself and those you love, and know that all of us at Trustee Capital are in this together.



Andre Fair

President & CEO, Trustee Capital LLC

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